Thursday, 31 May 2007

Running Progress Report

Here's a quick update on how my running's being going over the last few weeks. I'm using my heart rate monitor to ensure that I'm not over-exerting myself. Its a polar one, and its got its a OwnZone feature that will set you're heart rate zones by performing a few basic tests for about 5 mins. This is a great feature, but I've started doing the test less frequently now (about once a week).

For instance, my current HR training zone is 150-166bpm. I remember having a similar upper limit a few weeks back and struggling to reach it before being knackered, so I've definitely improved.

I'm also doing most of my running these days on the treadmill, mainly to save the knee joints, but I try to get a road run in every week or two (I generally do a 7.5km lap around Cambridge). Most runs that I do tend to be either 30 or 45 mins long. Once I hit the upper limit on the HR, I'll slow down to walking pace (generally around 5.5km on the treadmill) until my HR reaches the lower limit.

Anyways, here are my logged jogs over the last two months. I'd done more jogs on the treadmill, but didn't start to log them until the middle of April. Percentage figures at the end are the percentage time spent running.
30/5: 35min 10km/5.5km 4.72km 57.6%
29/5: 30min 10km/5.5km 4.29km 68.4%
28/5: 45min 8.5km/5.5km 5.73km 71.3%
25/5: 45min 10km/5.5km 6.13km 59.4%
24/5: 30min 10km/5.5km 4.03km 56.9%
21/5: 30min 10km/5.5km 4.13km 61.3%
19/5: 54:57 7.52km
17/5: 45min 9.5km/5.5km 5.64km
16/5: 45min 9.0km/5.75km 5.80km
01/5: 56:39 7.52km
25/4: 60:08 7.52km
15/4: 66:45 7.52km
02/4: 71:29 7.52km

Good to see that I've knocked about 15mins of my lap around Cambridge! Next aim with that is to get around in 50min, with the eventual goal being closer to 40mins. On the treadmill side of things, hope to push the percentages up on both the 8.5km run and the 10km runs. Someday, I'll hit least thats the aim.

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Thomas said...

If you spent half the time running that you spend recording data you'd be 10 stone :P