Wednesday, 10 December 2008

What I've been up to lately.

After the long run on Monday night, legs were a bit stiff yesterday so didn't really fancy a run. Hopped on the Turbo (indoor bike resistance unit) and done a 45 minute session. Thought I was only going to last 15 mins, but eventually made it the whole way through.

Tonight, the aim was a speed session, based on the JD plan I've been ever so loosely following. The plan called for sets of 1km intervals (which for me should be around 5.20 / km pace) with 3 minutes recovery (walk or slow jog). My initial aim was to do 6 of these...absolutely ridiculous now that I look back at it.

First of all, done a 10 minute warmup and my first km was pretty tough, especially as there was two uphill parts to it (and one downhill). Actually done that in 4m 50s - pacing was going to be an issue. Was very glad of the rest and after a minute started a slow jog.

Next interval, set of flying again...blew up pretty soon. And so started the fast\slow intervals...not exactly what the plan called for :) Actually managed to do this kilometre in 5m 15s which is impressive considering the stop\start nature.

Rest of the run isn't worth writing about...honest. I actually made it around the lap at a decent pace (average 5m 58s per km) but that's the only good thing of note.

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