Monday, 22 December 2008

Last (guaranteed) run for the next few days

Off home tomorrow and with all the hectic Christmas madness, figured tonight was the only chance that I'd definitely be able to get a run in. Was very slack with the running last week, for one reason or another, so just done the second quality session I missed last week.

This session called for a warmup (I done 10 mins), followed by sets of 5 mins hard followed by 3 mins recovery (I done 30s walk + 2m 30s slow jog). Aim was to do four sets, followed by a warmdown which I'm glad to report that I completed. Wasn't easy, especially getting over the third one.

Made it around for a total of 8.7km in 51m 41s, an average pace of 5m 57s per km. HR averaged at 165bpm and I'm totally wrecked right now.

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