Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Good Day #2

Got back from work late enough (about 8.30pm) and was debating about going for a run, especially considering it was supposed to be a long one. Jack Daniels running formula had me down to do
  • 2 mile warmup at easy pace
  • 2 x 12 min threshold with 3 minute recovery
  • 1 hour easy
Didn't fancy a run the guts of two hours, so did
  • 10 minute warmup
  • 2 x 12 min threshold with 90s walking + 90s easy jog
  • 30+ minutes of easy running
Big news about this was that I crossed the 10km mark in 1hr 40s...a new PB. I definitely could have broken the hour but was focusing on sticking with the plan. I'm pretty happy with that.

Overall, done 11.92km in 1hr 12m 34s (average pace 6m 5s per km) with an average HR of 164bpm. After the second threshold run, I had done 6.51km in 37 mins (average pace: 5m 41s), which is 2hr half marathon pace. It's a long way to go from there, but at least there's a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

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Andrew is getting fit said...

I think you got a typo in your PB!

Well done on the record.