Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Long slow run

After slacking off yesterday to go to a gig - Saw Doctors were playing here in Cambridge, I got my second run of the week in tonight. I decided to go for a long slow run, roughly 15km in total and to leave the second JD quality session for this week until tomorrow night.

Set my HR limit at 160bpm and set off. Run was as standard as you can get, pretty much sticking to the HR limit for the most part. Did find the last 2-3 km tough enough though and did my (now) customary thing of speeding up in the last km and all out for the last 200m or so (a.k.a. finishing strong).

Overall, done 15.62km in 1hr 39m 12s (average pace of 6m 21s per km, average HR of 161bpm). Very happy with the pace, it's certainly coming down nicely over the last few weeks (for the same (HR) effort).

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Andrew is getting fit said...

That's one of the things I like about running. If you put in the effort you can normally see the rewards.

I had a look at your baseline heart rate posts and I wish I had recorded my baseline run when I started. I just did the distance and time.

I'll know for next time!