Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Running update

Didn't really get up to much over the weekend, so aim this evening was to get out for some sort of run. Was half thinking before I left work that I'd go for a 15km (or so) long slow run, or perhaps an attempt at the hour for 10km. In the end, it was freezing cold as I was driving home and I had to convince myself to get out for the run.

I was just thinking of doing the big lap as I left the house but thought I might head down one of the local side-streets for a bit of variation. Next thing I know, I'm going down every side-street and finding the novelty of the "new" run very interesting.

By the time I got to the 1km mark of my normal run, I'd already done almost 7km! Plan after that was to just finish the big lap, which I figured would be another 5.5km. For more or less all the run, I kept the HR at (and sometimes considerably below) 160bpm. Pace wasn't great, but as per usual, the HR was the goal.

Overall, done 12.5km in 1hr 22m 17s (6m 35s per km) with an average HR of 159bpm.

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