Monday, 8 December 2008

Long slow run

Thankfully it was raining lightly tonight. Perhaps a strange thing to say, but the last few days have been pretty cold here and the footpaths have been pretty slippery. At least when it's wet, you can still get a decent run in.

So after once again doing nothing but eat at the weekend, I set off this evening for a long slow run. Aim was 15km at 160bpm. It was actually quite a nice run, the rain taking the cold edge out of the air. Managed to stick to the 160bpm cap for the most part, really settling in around the 162bpm mark. Was debating stretching out the run a little at the end, but just figured I'd do what I'd set out to do.

I put the foot down from the 14km mark (which I assumed to be the last km), but it was actually 1.5km. Oh was tough, but something I'll be hoping to be able to do at the end of the half marathons so should come in useful.

Best thing about this run though was my average pace came in at 6m 25s / km, almost 10s faster than comparable runs. Still a fair bit to go down to the 5m 40s I'll need for a 2hr half marathon, but getting there.

Average HR was 162bpm, total distance 15.87km in 1hr 41m 56s. Legs are a bit stiff now :)

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