Thursday, 22 November 2007

Training: Turbo Session

Went down for my third session at the Cambridge Tri Turbo session. These are progressively getting tougher as the weeks progress. Attendance was down tonight (just 16), which I assume was mainly due to the England game being on.

Format was similar to the previous weeks, starting off with a warmup at our own pace, finishing off with 4 quick sprints of 15/20/25/30 secs in the lowest gear with a minutes rest. This was then followed by a few alternating sets of "rolling" in the highest gear (concentrating on pedalling in circles), followed by "spinning" in the lowest gear (concentrating on not bouncing in the saddle). Initially the sets were for 1m 30s, finishing off with 2 sets of 2 mins. The last rolling part was out of the saddle, which almost killed me!!

This was then followed by some one legged pedaling, which I just can't seem to get the hang of at all. This was then followed by a few minutes of pedalling in Zone 3 (e.g. pedaling at a level where conversation is difficult), moving up to Zone 4 (e.g. heavy breathing), before finally going for 2 mins at Zone 5 (tough going...legs start to burn). Started to cool down, going back to Zone 4 and Zone 3 before finally spending 10 mins recovering at an easy pace.

Overall tough going, was sweating like a pig. Probably felt better though than I did after the last two sessions though, which is good. Didn't get a chance to eat anything afterwards as I was straight down to a poker night in a local pub (in aid of the local GAA club), so diet was hardly the best today (grabbed a burger on the way home!).

Anyways, here's a graph of my HR over the session...

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