Friday, 2 November 2007

Reality check

As was pointed out to me today by one of my mates (cheers Paul), I seem to be struggling to pass the 116kg barrier on my weight loss quest. As he said, its been down around that level since August, with no major changes either way.

Now, in the back of my head, I suppose I've always known this was the case. Its as if I have a mental barrier at the 116kg level that subconsciously is subverting my efforts to break through it. Perhaps this weight is significant because the lightest weight I've registered since Jan 06 is something like 116.3kg and I'm settling for that subconsciously.

Well, its definitely time to forget the excuses and just push on through. Looking at the stats, since mid-August my "average" weight calorific deficit has been a paltry 56kcal! 56kcal! 56kcal. Thats not even a mars bar! Its one and a half unbuttered cream crackers! Unacceptable.

As I said before, I probably knew this in the back of my mind all along. But now thats its been noticed and pointed out in public brings a lot or reality to it. I've had a pretty good week or so, weight loss wise, which I hope to continue. I'm going to forget about long term goals and just focus on one short term get my weight under 116kg. If I haven't done it by the 11th, you'll have to start getting on my back! I'll keep a daily note of how things are going here, just to keep you informed.

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