Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Weekly update: 21/08/07

30/07/07: 118.11kg
06/08/07: 117.57kg
Difference: 0.54kg

Well, it was a bit of an indifferent week. First half of it started off well, I was pretty disciplined with what I was eating. Second half of the week, went to pot though. Seemed to have a massive sugar low towards the end of the week, resulting in some serious chocolate eating/biscuit eating/etc at work.

On the fitness side, a relatively poor week. Managed three runs, totalling 15.6km and went to both GAA training sessions. One positive was that I was able to practice the Swimshack drills every night of the week, apart from Sat and Sun.

I really need to up the running side of things over the next few weeks. I must also try to get out on the bike as well. Was thinking of entering the Newmarket Duathlon but left it way too late to enter :(

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