Thursday, 23 August 2007

Very good run tonight

Just done a tough interval set tonight on the treadmill. For the first 30mins, I was going for 3 mins at 12kmph, followed by two mins at 5.5kmph recovery pace. First few were easy but were getting progressively harder. Finished the last one and thats the main thing.

For the next 15 mins, done two sets of 2 mins @ 11.5kmph with 1 min recovery (didn't quite finish the second one). Finished off with a two 10kmph runs of 5 and 3 mins with a minute of recovery between them.

Over the 45 mins I covered a distance of 7.02km, which is actually a barrier that I've been hoping to break for some time. Closest I'd got previously was 6.73km on Week 6 Run 1 of the C25K plan. Just need to push onto the 7.5km mark and I'll be at a 10kmph average pace (means doing a 10k in exactly an hour!).

Got my next lesson with Ian at Swimshack tomorrow night, so stay posted to see how that went.

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