Monday, 6 August 2007

Weekly update: 06/08/07

30/07/07: 118.88kg
06/08/07: 118.15kg
Difference: 0.73kg

A cracking week of weight loss this week, as I've actually managed to stick to a decent plan of eating little often and no crap (well, I lie...I was at a bbq on Sat).

General idea is to eat a portion or two of fruit first thing in the morning, followed by a bowl of cereal (museli) mid-morning. Sandwich or whatever for lunch and another portion of fruit mid-evening (maybe a water-biscuit or two at some point as well). I'll generally try and eat a (microwave) meal (about 500kcal) around 5.30pm, so I'm able to train or go to the gym later in the evening. Last meal at night is generally a fresh-fruit smoothie.

My approach to fruit above is that I can eat as much as I want of it, any time. I'm going to the shop every second day or so these days and stocking up on grapes, banana's, plums, peaches, pinapples, etc.

I've also invested in a protein supplement, which I throw into the smoothies. I'm dubious, but I'll see how it goes.

Training Info

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DateDist. (M)TimePace Min/100Speed (M/hr)AHRMHRCal.


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