Wednesday, 8 August 2007

25min non-stop run

After GAA training this evening, went to the gym to attempt Week 5 Run 3 of the Couch to 5k program. Now, my previous run last night was an attempt at Day 2, which I failed to complete, so I really should have done that again. However, I felt there were two mitigating circumstances to allow me to attempt the next run:
  1. The program calls for 3 min rest between each run. I was only doing 1 min (which is what I was doing before I recently heard of this program).
  2. I upped the pace from my previous long running pace of 9kmph to 9.5kmph, which I feel really kicked in on the last set.
So dropping the pace back down to 9kmph, I set off to attempt the continuous 20min run. Now, this is quite a big jump from the previous days run of 3x8min runs with 3 min of rest between sets. However, the people that designed the course apparently reckon that most of the difficulty is actually mental. Now after completing it, I'd probably have to agree.

There were are least two times during the run that I was thinking that I'd had enough, both of which were between 12-15 mins. Digging deep, pulled through and actually got to the 20min mark feeling good, so decided to do another min. Which turned into 2mins and then 3mins. At this stage was kinda struggling, was getting a high HR warning on the treadmill so decided to call it a day at 25mins.

Finished off to complete the 30mins, coming in at a slightly less of a distance than yesterdays run at the faster pace.

I've got a 10k at the weekend, which it'd be good if I could somehow replicate todays run in. Not sure that'll happen though, as tend to set off a bit fast so that'll probably bugger me up :) Still, suppose I got week 6 of the program to look forward to now.

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