Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Another PB equaling run

Set off tonight, not really wanting to go but dragged myself out. Decided to do 5 min runs and 1 min recovery. Went well and completed the first 5 without too much trouble. Was even a bit ahead of previous times, but it all fell apart in the last 1k or so. Legs just gave out a little, so ended up stopping\starting for the next few mins. Finished off with a 2 min run to equal my previous PB to the second.

Hopefully I can continue to build on this, both in terms of running time (I did feel that I could have continued on a few of the intervals) and stamina (if I could have got the last interval in, I would have defo beaten my PB).

Arranged to have a quick GAA kickabout with few of the lads, mainly focused on drills. Was planning on hitting the gym afterwards, but was a bit too late when we finished up. Still, the kickabout was definitely worth it.

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