Wednesday, 4 March 2009

I done it (again)

Haven't posted anything in a few days. Training's been a bit mixed (as seems to be the norm at the moment)...good efforts followed by absolutely lazy days. So here's a summary of what I've been doing since the last post:
  • Saturday - 51km cycle, pretty tired after it but was very happy with it. Averaged 25.5kmph, which I'm sure would have been better due to the first few km's being in an urban environment.
  • Tuesday (lunch) - 26.5km cycle with two lads from work. Averaged 24.3kmph in windy conditions, but I could have definitely gone better.
  • Tuesday (night) - went out for a run. Absolutely terrible effort. Started focusing on doing some low HR stuff and nasal breathing. Averaged 7m 02s per km over 5.62km.
  • Wednesday (lunch) - got down to the pool.
Hoping to get out on the bike again tomorrow - really keen on that at the moment and while exactly the opposite with the running :(

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