Thursday, 26 March 2009

Reading Half Marathon Preview

Only two and a bit days to go to the first event of the year - not really looking forward to it but still interested to see how I'll get on. I'm not too sure how to approach it really, but I think I'll probably start off pretty easy (and hope not to get caught up in the event), getting into a rhythm and hopefully have a bit in reserve to push on through the last few kilometers.

One of my goals for the start of the year was to beat the two hour mark in either Reading or Wokingham half marathons...let me say now that it's (extremely) unlikely to happen this weekend. Wokingham is a lot more realistic now that it's been postponed until the end of May, but that's kinda cheating :)

Either way, I'm hoping to set a PB at the weekend for an event that I've done twice. I'm not too sure of my previous timings, but they were around 2hrs 30m and 3hrs. I'd be happy with 2hrs 15m at the weekend and a non-stop run. There are pacers in the race, so I think I'll start off with the 2hr 15m one and see how that goes.

To summarize, here are the goals for the weekend
  • Run the full race non-stop
  • Aim for a negative split
  • Just going to run as I feel - will wear the Garmin, but won't be restricting HR or focusing on nasal breathing.
  • Enjoy the event

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