Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Waddle, waddle II

It's been a week since my last update, so I guess that means one of two things...I've either been away or I've done nothing. It's the second, though the first also has the same outcome. Been a bit demotivated lately, which is seemed to go in a vicious circle...I'd get annoyed about doing nothing, stuff my face, get more annoyed, do nothing the following day...etc.

I'd planned to do a duathlon at the weekend, but found out Saturday night it'd filled up and they weren't accepting entries on the day. Despite delusions of a run or cycle Sunday, the usual cycle repeated itself!

So today I finally got out and done something...I promised one of the lads at work yesterday we'd go for a cycle at lunch and it was just the thing to break the cycle - excuse the pun. Went a bit further than I was expecting, a total of 35km in total. I struggled a little in the middle but overall felt fine.

Then this evening I finally got out for a run...just a small lap (5.6km) at a very easy pace, but I'd delighted I did. Actually have some football training tomorrow night, which I'm looking forward to (this doesn't start up properly for another few weeks), so will try and get down to the pool at lunch.

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Matthew James Stanham said...

These are the hardest times to keep the momentum going and when you risk falling back completely on old habits. Words of encouragement are generally the best cure, so "Get to it, even a small amount of excercise is better than none." :D