Wednesday, 4 February 2009

So much for an easy run tonight

After yesterdays tough run, the plan for today and tomorrow was to take it easy on the runs I did, tapering down to the half marathon at the weekend. I can honestly say that was the plan. But plans don't always work out and tonight's run was a good example of that.

While I certainly wasn't pushing as hard as I was last night, it wasn't really a lot slower. At the 4km mark, I was 30s slower than yesterday which I guess is significant over that distance. I still wanted to stop there, but had it in my mind to do one more km...then five became six. I did need to slow down at this point, but was determined to keep going. After that, it was a case of getting home, ideally without stopping.

However, due to some bad timing on my behalf, I had to stop twice at road junctions, though I won't lie...the brief break was gratefully welcomed. After the second stop, the next aim was to complete 10km in under an hour...I'd already built up the guts of a 2 minute cushion, but I was struggling at that point. I was tempted to take the direct route home, which would have seen me finish in less than 10km, but decided to seize the opportunity.

The last km was pretty hellish. Thought it'd never end...still got there and I'm absolutely delighted with the result...10km in 57m 56s, easily a new PB.

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Andrew is getting fit said...

Awesome effort! It's great to set a PB. I hope your HM goes well too.