Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Super Wednesday

It seems to be the case recently that I slack off for a week, then do a massive session one day and slack off again. Well, today was a day for a massive session. It started at lunchtime with a 33km cycle (averaged 25kmph - Barrington hill really killed the average) and finished with a run home from work.

This was something I'd meant to do yesterday, but our Christmas party got in the way :) Honest. I knew I'd struggle to get a run in as Liverpool were playing in the Champions League, so the jog home actually seemed like the best idea to squeeze it in. It's around 7.5km, mainly downhill, but after the cycle at lunch I was definitely feeling a bit tired...I had to stop briefly twice.

Happy enough with the run, as I done it in 48 minutes (6m 33s average) and the only thing I've to compare it with is that it took me 1hr 15m to walk it at some point last year (I think I also ran in one morning, but can't find the details).

Another upside of this is that I've no car (or bike) in the morning, so I'll either have to catch the bus or run back :)

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