Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Use it or lose it

After hurting my ankle the weekend before last, I've been taking it pretty easy exercise wise. At least thats my excuse. Up to today, I'd basically done one run, two cycles last week and a couple of dips in the pool, but I was probably using the ankle as an excuse. I'm not saying that it was fine, its not, but it wasn't bad enough to justify my slackness over the last ten days.

So today I go to a physio to check it out. Really should have went sooner, but thought I'd have to go see my GP to be referred so wasn't too bothered. When things weren't quite right after a week (walking was fine, but still a slight dull pain) I sorted it all out and got the physio appointment.

Thankfully nothing too serious ligament damage like I had before. Probably just a slight bone bruise. He was also saying that my cartilage is probably slightly worn as well from previous injuries. Anyways, he worked his magic and it basically feels like I've got a new ankle. Honestly, the difference is amazing.

After a brief weights session, went for a brief run. Wasn't really planning on such a brief run, but I was seriously struggling. Not having done much cardio over the last week was really telling. Ankle was fine, so hopefully give it another (better) bash tomorrow. Went for a swim afterwards, slight improvement, but nothing special to report.

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