Friday, 15 February 2008

For your sins do...

14.66km! As today is a Thursday and given my feast last night, diet went out the window today (for the most part). The buffet at lunch meant there was plenty of cr@p around to nibble on all day and boy did I nibble.

My sins were great today Father...

I didn't do anything at lunch as I hadn't brought any gear to work, so when I got home I had to decide what to do. I really fancied a weights session but after the debauchery of the day, decided that I really needed to do some cardio. Weathers been quite mild the last few days, so fancied having an outdoors run for the first time in a while.

I've also been struggling with the shorter distances I've been doing of late, with no real improvements to note. I decided to mix it up a bit and go for a longer run, not really caring if my pace dropped a bit, just hopeful that getting some miles into the legs would stand to me in the future. Decided to give the ring road around Cambridge a go, which I'd guess would be around 9-10km.

So off I set, definitely struggling for the first 2km. It was strange...I felt bloated and was struggling a bit with my breathing. Very annoying really, basically meaning that I had to stop earlier than I normally would. This seemed to continue for the first 5km of the run but definitely got better as the run went on.

So after 5km, I definitely noticed it seemed to be getting a lot easier, a second wind if you will. I'm not saying that I ran non-stop from here on in, just that I wasn't struggling as much as I would have been expecting at that stage. So at about the 7km mark, I make a choice to go for a longer route again, but still one which would give me a few short-cut options should I need them.

All's going well at this stage, and I reach the 10km mark in 1h 7m 50s, just under 2 mins slower than my PB! I'm still about 2km from home at this stage but again decide to "lengthen" my trip. My running is still going ok and I'm feeling alright.

I get to about 1km from home and I do start to struggle a little. Think its down to the fact that I know I'm on the homeward stretch and that I try to speed up. Get there in the end, for a total distance of 14.66km in 1h 40m 31s.

Boy was I glad to hit the bath!

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