Friday, 15 February 2008

Almost bonked again + pigging out afterwards

I've been on a bit of a diet lately that I've been talked into doing. Its basically Atkins with a few extra rules, which I won't really go into. Anyways, I've been trying to eat fruit for brekkie and something like soup and a smoothie for lunch, which is grand. Generally a bit hungry, but I can handle it.

So yesterday I decide to continue my new regime of doing stuff at lunchtime, following on from my bike ride the day before. Its was really foggy in Cambridge so decided to go for a run instead. There's a local lake just up the road from work that a few of the guys run around but I'd never been, so thought that'd be a good session. To cut the story short, not the best run of my life, but was good to get out all the same.

So in the evening I had a turbo session that I try to get to with the local tri club. After missing the whole month of Jan for various reasons, I'm making a big effort to get down there this month. Last weeks session was pretty tough so I'd no reason to assume that this weeks would be any easier.

All's going well until we get toward the last bit of the night, a 40 min endurance session of five sets of 6 minutes at the anerobic threshold followed by two minutes rest. After the first one I'm really struggling, and after the second one I'm not well at all. Decided to stick it out for another one, then dug in for the fourth. Was ready to give up at this point, but just had to dog it for another 6 minutes.

Really had to dig deep to finish the session. The second the 6 mins was up I was off the bike and into the changing rooms where I just lay down to compose myself. Don't think it was a proper bonk, as I've felt worse before but I was getting there.

All that I had all day was some fruit, some soup for lunch and a smoothie. I'd had a run at lunch as well, which would have further depleted the system.

Pigged out afterwards. All I could think off the last few sets was what I was gonna eat afterwards. Was promising myself all sorts of messy stuff. I was pretty restrained in Sainsbury's, but still probably blew my daily intake in one go...snickers & sausage roll (to get me home), 1 full brown bread + butter + smoked salmon, 1 carton of Innocent, 1 banana, 1 ice-cream mars for dessert. Messy. Talk about being bloated afterwards :(

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