Sunday, 17 February 2008


After my monstrous run on Thursday night, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I wasn't in too bad a shape on Friday morning. Got up early and went to the gym for the strength session that I'd wanted to do instead of the run on Thursday.

At lunchtime, I went for my second cycle of the week, around the same route as before. Although the day seemed calm, there was a little more wind than the Monday cycle, but I can't imagine it was anymore than 5mph. But that certainly makes a difference on the open Cambridge roads. The terrain is flat, with absolutely no wind breaks for most of the cycle. I suppose it makes up for the lack of hills in the area to go training on.

Then on Saturday, played in goal for a game. It was bitterly cold and I wasn't really too keen on togging out, so goals seemed like a good idea. However, hurt my (weak) ankle saving a shot and spent the rest of the game hobbling around in goals. Ankle was in agony for the rest of the evening, but thankfully it seems a lot better today.

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