Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Training update

Just a quick post to update on my training this week following the duathlon on Sunday. I took Monday as a recovery day, so I just done some strength work in the gym followed by a quick dip in the pool.

Tuesday I realised that most of my bike time on the duathlon was actually caused by the difference in wind conditions...the guy that won it made up about 4 mins on the bike between the two events, so it was reasonable to assume that my time was mostly down to the wind. To this end, went for a quick ride at lunch, a 15km route around the block. Apart from a slight issue with some road works, the trip went well, averaging about 26.8kmph over the trip. I finished it off with a quick 800m run, just to stretch the legs.

Then last night, went to the gym for a 15 min, followed by a 2500m row and a quick dip in the pool.

Today, was thinking of going for another cycle at lunchtime today, but due to fog decided to go for a run instead. Done a 5km lap to and around a local lake. I was going well until I got to the lake, which was a bit cross country. Talk about energy sapping. Made it around the lake and back onto tarmac with a bit of walking.

Then this evening, I done the usual turbo session with the local tri club. It was tough going, and I didn't think I'd last it to the end but I just about got there. Absolutely wrecked now, will have a good snooze tonight I'd say.

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