Monday, 18 February 2008

Latest Bodystat

Done another bodystat tonight. Bit disappointed about the weight, but despite eating like a horse over the weekend, the results are still better than the last one! Hard to believe I know. My last weigh-in last week on the same scales had me about 2kg lighter...honest. May have been water loss, but still.

I also got the guy to do a lung function test today as well, just to compare against my one when I done the fitness test. The results are more or less the exact same, with a FEV of 3.57 (3.56) and FVC of 4.20 (4.29) today (last one).

Acceptable Range18/02/0807/01/0813/09/0720/07/0712/06/07
Body Fat (%)12 - 1823.625.227.226.529.9
Body Fat (kg)13 - 1928.130.032.732.036.4
Lean Mass (%)82 - 8876.474.872.873.570.1
Lean Mass (kg)86 - 9290.689.287.788.885.3
Total Body Mass (kg)101 - 109118.7119.2120.4120.8121.7
Water (%)55-655553.452.152.548.9
Water (ltrs)66 - 7765.163.762.763.459.5

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