Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Training Update

Another big day training wise. I was hoping to get out at lunch time for a bike cycle, but I'd forgot about our weekly poker game at work. Was kinda half hoping to get knocked out quickly and to go on the cycle anyways, but ended up getting down to the last two, but ended up losing in the end.

So after getting back from work, went down to the gym again for some strength work. All upper body and very similar to what I'd done yesterday. Generally don't like to do leg work with the weights as it usually means I can hardly walk for about two days afterwards.

Went down to the pool after this and got a few lengths in. Swimming is really starting to annoy me at the moment...no particular reason, just I'm putting the time in and still seem to be getting no-where.

After I got back, I went out for an hour long walk, something I'll hopefully do most evenings\nights while my foot is still sore. My average pace per km was about 15s faster tonight, compared to last night but my HR was up about 3bpm.

My HR in general is quite high while doing these walks...should be interesting to see if a week or two worth of walking causes it to drop!

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