Monday, 3 December 2007

Training update

During the run described in the last post, I'd actually hurt my foot. I kept on going, when I probably shouldn't have and later that night my foot was pretty painful. It was a lot worse the next morning so I went to the doc to see if there was anything serious wrong. I got the all clear from him, just some bruising, but he suggested laying off the running for a few weeks.

So, to that end, I've played it a bit safe and kept of the cycling as well. I've been doing a bit of swimming and some cardio on the cross-trainer to make up. Also had a weights session in the gym for the first time in ages tonight. Foot is a lot better at the moment, so took the opportunity to have a walk around the block to stretch the legs.

I'll probably give the foot at least another week and see how it gets on. I'll try to keep the walking up and make it down to the pool as often as possible. Might also try and get a few miles in one the bike some lunchtime.

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