Wednesday, 12 December 2007


Just completed two days of good training, so feeling a little bit knackered but good. Last night, I watched the Liverpool game at the gym, while on the treadmill. Still sticking to the Maximal Aerobic Heart Rate training idea, I kept my HR in the 142-152bpm range as much as I could.

For the first half of the game, I generally ran between 7 - 8 kmph and recovered at 6kmph. This is a lot slower than before, but gonna keep with it for a few weeks. At half time in the game, I done a quick weights session, using lighter weights than normal with a 15-20s rest between sets...bloody tough. Then for the second half I got back on the treadmill for a walk at around 6kmph and 3% incline (obviously varying depending on HR).

When I'd finished that, I done a quick 500m row in 1.47.7 and went downstairs for a bit of swimming. Overall a good session, which according to my polar, burning over 1000kcal which was good considering I'd eaten a rake of chocolate during the day at work (HR brought in a few boxes of celebrations for Christmas).

Great news this morning then when I got up and weighed myself...113.7kg, probably my lightest daily weighing in two years. This caused my average weight to finally fall below 116kg, so a massive milestone, considering how long its taken to cross that line.

Then this evening, went for the weekly turbo session at the local tri club. I kept getting stomach cramps, so probably wasn't as intense as it should have been, but it was still a good workout all the same. Usual warmup, followed by some single leg drills (including varying the handlebar grips).

Next up was the main killer of the night, a simulated team Time-Trial. The 16 people there were split into teams of four, with each rider in the team been given a number between one and four. Each rider was expected to give 30s at the front of their team, hence upping their intensity to a Zone 5 (not flat out sprint but getting there). The rest of the team were to stay in Zone 4 (long term endurance) until it was their turn at the front. The drill lasted 16mins in total and by the end I'd defo had enough :)

Finished off with some rolling\spinning drills, but this is where the stomach cramps really started to affect me so I kept having to stop pedalling while they passed.

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