Monday, 27 July 2009

W12KW#2 - Tempo Run

Bit of a delay posting this run up so I'll keep it short - plan called for:
  • 2 miles @ 10m 43s per mile (easy pace)
  • 3 miles @ 9m 08s per mile (short tempo pace)
  • 1 mile @ 10m 43s per mile (easy pace)
For the first time in these training plan so far, I actually managed to do the warmup part relatively easy (10m 18s per mile). While this is approx 30s per mile faster than the target, I'd still consider it relatively easy.

The first mile of the tempo run was pretty easy after the mile-long interval session on Tuesday night. I was holding off a little, conscious of the remaining two miles, but still managed 8m 44s. Second mile was a lot tougher, especially mentally - pace slowed down a little to 8m 50s, but it was slightly uphill, so still good going.

The final mile was tough - I really had to dig in and grind it out in 8m 58s. Overall, my average pace over the 3 miles was 8m 48s per mile - 20s faster than my target pace. I hung on for the final mile and a half to get home, doing the total 10.66km in 1hr 3m 17s (5m 56s / km).

Overall, pretty happy with it!

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