Tuesday, 28 July 2009

W11KW#1 - Intervals

Got down late to the track tonight and it was pitch black for my last two intervals! Overall, a good session though, legs are a bit stiff now though.

Plan was:
20 min warmup @ 10.43 per mile pace - I only meant to do 10 minutes (at a faster pace) but it was going well so stretched it out to the 20 mins - average pace was 9m 08s per mile.

2 x 1200m @ 6m 20s with 2 min recovery - First one of these I found relatively easy (even after the faster warmup). Second one was a lot tougher. Ran in lane two, so again distances were slightly long. Times were 5m 47s and 6m 04s.

4 x 800m @ 4m 10s with 2 min recovery - Didn't find these too bad, apart from the fading light. My left calf was a bit stiff towards the end, but just having to do two laps seemed relatively easy. Times were (again, distances slightly long) 4m 06s, 4m 00s, 4m 03s and 4m 01s.

10 min warmdown @ 10.43 pace - This wasn't too bad, averaged 10m 34s for the distance.

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