Saturday, 4 April 2009

FIrst group ride

77.5km in almost 3 hrs of cycling ... I'm pretty tired now. Its my first weekend in Cambridge for a while and with nothing to do today, I thought I'd have a go with heading out with the local triathlon club on their group ride. I choose the slower version of the ride and even at that, I was struggling a bit - any sniff of a hill and I was getting dropped.

Thankfully they were quite a friendly bunch and slowed down a bit which allowed me to catch up and seemed to be able to stick with them. There was a tea-stop around two hours in which was very very welcome, though getting up afterwards was a bit of a problem.

Final run back to Cambridge was relatively straight forward, taking just under an hour. I was pretty happy to get off the bike and a little dismayed that I'll be back on it again tomorrow morning for a duathlon.

Overall, an enjoyable ride, some lovely scenery and very friendly bunch of people.

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