Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Busy week + race report

Its been almost a week and a half since my last post, but I've been keeping pretty busy fitness wise. For the most part, I've just been doing short and easy runs, up to around 40 mins in total - keeps me ticking by.

Then at the weekend I entered my third F3 Events duathlon - 5km run / 20km cycle / 5km run. I'd my best attempt at this event yet - for one, I actually completed it non-stop...this was a mere pipe-dream the first time I entered. Secondly, on both runs I averaged less than 6 min per km pace, which means that I done the 10km in less than an hour in total - another milestone. Thirdly, and probably most importantly, I enjoyed every minute of it.

It looks like the course is a bit short (even compared to my previous attempts) according to the Garmin, coming in at 4.7km\19.1km\4.7km, which is a bit disappointing. So I can't really compare times unless I adjust slightly for the differences. Either way, I knocked over 14 minutes of my previous time - 1hr 36m 03s vs 1h 50m 44s which I reckon is probably around 8 mins when adjusted. Either way, I'm absolutely delighted with the result.

I'm actually down in the results in last place but I'm actually the last finisher - there was two ladies behind me, so I'm not too sure what happened their results - the women in last I felt really sorry for - she really reminded me of my first (and second) attempt at the event, but in fairness to her, she kept going.

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Andrew is getting fit said...

I think that enjoyed every minute of it is the best as well!