Sunday, 5 April 2009

Diss Duathlon

Perhaps my mammoth cycle yesterday wasn't the best preparation for a duathlon today. I probably realised this during the cycle yesterday, but at that stage it was too late! But my bed was made, so I may as well sleep in it, so they say.

A slight ignorance as to the distance involved to the venue, meant I was up around 6am this morning to get down to register in time. After that was done, had about 90 mins to get set up, which was relatively straight forward. All the waiting around had me thinking if I should just go home and take it easy for the day, but I figured as long as I was there, I may as well give it a go.

I was due to go off in the third (and last) wave, 10 mins after first wave - as the starter mentioned, the young and fast guys. He obviously meant everyone else, and after the start, it was pretty obvious he wasn't lying! There were one or two other stragglers, but I was firmly at the back just hoping to keep my sights on the other two \ three people ahead of me. I done the first section (5km officially - 5.5km according to GPS) in just under 6 min per km pace which I was happy enough with.

Then onto the bike...I was last into transition but was half hoping I might catch up on someone on the bike. My rear was actually quiet sore once I was back in the saddle, after yesterdays exertions and it was also quiet a bumpy ride, which didn't help. The course was three laps of a loop and I passed three people in total (all women - two ambling along on mountain bikes). Still was happy enough with my pace (considering), doing the 28km (GPS - 30km as advertised) at just over 27kmph.

The last run, a copy of the first one was a real, real, real, (...), real slog. The least said about that the better. Averaged 6m 34km's (with a fair bit of walking) - again I'm happy enough with it as it's comparable (or slightly better) than what I'd done in similar events before.

I've got the option to do a duathlon next weekend that I've done twice before, so might try that (without the big ride the day before) and see what progress I've made.

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Andrew is getting fit said...

90 mins is a bit of a long wait!