Thursday, 30 April 2009

Another bad run

I've been struggling a bit lately with my running, especially with my lunchtime runs. It's a bit annoying, as I'm trying to use those sessions to squeeze runs in where my evenings are busy with football or other activities. These "bad" runs in turn, make me feel like I should be squeezing more bad runs in, etc., etc.

I think there's probably a few contributing factors to this, the main one is probably just trying to do too much. For instance, this week, I'd a tough run on Monday night (an hour - longest run in a few weeks), followed on Tuesday by a tough football training session (I think my improved fitness is showing though). A lunchtime run today just felt like it was too much, but with football training again tomorrow night, I felt like I had to try and squeeze it in.

Another thing that may be contributing is the weather - it's been pretty warm the last three "bad" runs I've had - probably coincidence but hard to know. Finally, the other thing I think that may be contributing is bad timing of meals - I normally just have breakfast 2-3 hours before the run - perhaps a snack closer to the time might boost my energy levels.

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