Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Longest run...not quiet

Made sure I was going to go out for a run this evening after being quite slack in recent weeks. It was pretty cold around here, but in a "fresh" sort of way if that makes sense. I often find it easier to run when it's like that, as opposed to when it's just plain cold.

Aim for the run was my normal Tuesday long-slow run. Started off trying to keep my HR in the mid 150's, but the cap was set at 160bpm. Kept to that level pretty well, which hasn't been the norm of late and I was soon counting down the km's. In the back of my mind I'd a figure of 16km for the run, if all things went well, which I'm glad to say they did.

Last few km, I really just wanted to get home so let the HR up a bit which had a little bit of impact on my pace. My left hip started to hurt slightly, along with the arch of my right foot, nothing major though. I was actually thinking of going for over 17km when common sense prevailed and took the turning to take me home in 16.57km. Not quite my longest run (had I known \ remembered this, would have definitely done that extra bit), but slightly faster pace.

Total time was 1hr 51m 54s, average pace 6m 45s per km, average HR 161bpm. I'm a bit stiff now...probably be a lot worse in the morning.

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