Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Back on track

After two chunky kit-kats (out of three for the day), along with a heap of biscuits, I figured I'd better get out for a run this evening. Didn't fancy killing myself like my last run, so I lowered the HR limit on the Garmin to 160bpm and set of at a nice easy pace. Didn't have a set distance in mind, was thinking 5km minimum, 10km max.

Felt quite good for the most part, though was struggling to keep the HR in check. By 4km in I was up around the 170bpm mark, so decided to go by feel from there. Also decided around this point to go for 10km.

Overall, the run went well. Once I got to 7km, I went for home as hard as I could. Because of that, the last 3.65km were under 6 min km's which I'm pretty happy with. Thought I was going to throw up at the end though, but guess thats the signature of a good session.

Stats: 9.65km in 59m 24s (10km PB pace). Average HR: 169bpm

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