Wednesday, 12 November 2008

12th Nov Weigh In

02/01: 115.64kg
01/02: 113.79kg
03/03: 114.04kg
01/04: 114.39kg
01/05: 112.37kg
03/06: 110.13kg
01/07: 108.34kg
01/08: 105.01kg
01/09: 104.17kg
01/10: 104.87kg
12/11: 104.35kg

Half a kg reduction, which considering that I've been on holidays for two weeks isn't too bad. I'm still a bit disappointed though, as I had been down to 103.5kg at one point. Oh well.

I haven't really been looking after what I've been eating since getting back from Cuba...mainly because the food was pretty poor over there and I'd made up a list of things I wanted when I got back to the UK.

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