Thursday, 13 November 2008

First run after the holidays...

Despite almost talking myself out of it on a few occassions, I got out for my first run in a few weeks. The plan all day was to have a nice easy run, just to ease myself back into the swing of things. That idea went out the door pretty soon though, as I found myself bombing down the road, thinking I'm just going to go for it.

I actually felt surprisingly good, a little stiff, but not too bad all the same. I was purposely not looking at my watch for any times or splits, just having an odd glance at my HR. I had set the HR alarm for 170bpm, but was over that 1km in, so just ignored it from there.

Everything was going fine until 3km in where I got some "bowel" cramps...honestly thought I was going to embarrass myself there and then. Stopped, took a few deep breaths in and it passed, so I set off again. I also had a quick look at my watch and I was on a record pace. Got about 100m down the road and it happened again. Run was more or less over from there.

Made it back and had a look at the times...I still managed 5km in 29m 54s, which is still good going for me (considering I've only done a handful of sub-30 5kms). The first 3km in 15m 40s was actually my fastest 3km ever. Oh well...maybe next time I'll last the distance.

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