Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Back from hols

Got back on Monday from two easy weeks in Cuba. Went on a hiking holiday and had a great time. Talk about a totally different place.

I thought my backpack was going to be overweight when I was checking in, but was pleasantly surprised to see that it weighed in at just over 16kg. That really hit home how much weight I've lost in the last two peak weight was 126kg while my current weight is 105kg...lugging that extra weight up those hills would have been a real pain!

The walks \ hikes themselves were pretty good and not overly tough for the most part (averaged 5/6 hours I'd say). Some great scenery, including some good opportunities for some swimming in natural pools and waterfalls.

The highlight of the trip, if you could call it that, was Pico Tourqino, the highest mountain in Cuba, standing at 1970m. This was done over two days, staying the night in between at a mountain hut (1300m)...the hike to here took about 6hrs and was pretty tough. The ascent was the following day (about 3hrs) and then started the toughest part of the whole thing...a 6-7 hour descent to sea level. Legs were absolutely shattered after that.

Back to some serious work now.

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