Tuesday, 4 March 2008

February Training Totals

Right, going to try and keep track of the amount of training I've been doing on a monthly basis. I tried to make an effort in Feb to get out on the bike a few times at lunch and which meant that I posted my highest mileage (76.9km) on the bike ever. However, that really is only over four sessions!

Running wise, I covered 56.63km in 12 sessions, which I'm happy enough with. Two of those I didn't log any time against but they were only short runs. This compares with 109.58km in January in 21 sessions (21.14km of which was walking in 3 sessions). I'd put some of the difference down to my ankle injury but I wouldn't be too sure that'd account for all of it!

Overall, I logged 28 activities in February over 16hrs 46mins. This compares with 32 activities in January over 20hrs 15mins.

Hopefully I'll get a clearer way to present this data in the future but this will do for now.

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