Monday, 21 April 2008

This running lark is easy

Done another one hour run today. It wasn't quite non-stop, but more or less was. I decided to take a different route and part of it involved running on a country road without lights or a footpath (and not much of a verge), so I basically stopped anytime a car was coming towards me. Even still, it was still a good run.

Once again, aimed to keep the HR at 160bpm or lower. That more or less worked until about 40mins in, where a gentle incline meant that I just couldn't seem to keep it down. Pushed on anyways as I was feeling good, but kept the pace pretty constant (i.e. slow).

In the last 10 mins or so I upped the pace a little, but still felt comfortable. Overall, done 8.66km in the hour (up from 8.25km on the run last week) for the same average HR.

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