Wednesday, 16 April 2008

1 hour runner

Woohoo. Set off for a normal run around the block tonight, aiming to keep HR under 160bpm. I find it tough to keep my HR that low, so pace was pretty slow. The upside was that I did find it a lot easier to keep going. Twenty minutes in and I was still relatively fresh, so decided to aim for a 40 minute continuous run.

Got to the 5km mark at 35m 20s or so but still felt relatively ok. Decided to go for the hour when I reached the 40 minute mark. For the last two km or so, I found it pretty tough to keep the HR in check, but made it to the hour mark in the end.

Here's a link to the Forerunner details.

Some info:
Distance: 8.35km
Time: 1hr 00min 26s
Avg Pace: 7m 14s per km
Avg Speed: 8.3kmph
Avg HR: 159bpm
Max HR: 166bpm

1km split - 6m 12s
2km split - 6m 59s
3km split - 7m 12s
4km split - 7m 06s
5km split - 7m 27s
6km split - 7m 32s
7km split - 7m 50s
8km split - 7m 28s

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