Sunday, 27 April 2008

Last few days

had a tough evening on Thursday night...too tough.

Went GAA training at 6.30 for over an hour, where I was struggling a bit. Then popped back home to pick up the forerunner to go for a run from the gym...done 42mins as I wanted to get into the pool for half an hour. Struggled to regulate the HR after the GAA training, so avg was over the 160bpm limit I was trying to set. Hit the pool then for about 5 lengths.

Got home and I was absolutely shattered...could have slept in a ditch and I'd have been happy out.

Left knee is very stiff on Friday...was supposed to go for a cycle at lunch but decided against it. Also decided against doing the duathlon on Saturday...just wasn't worth the risk.

Had a blitz then today down in Luton. We'd a very weak team down, but I don't think we done too bad considering. Played the three games at full back, a position I used to hate as a youngster. Can't say that today changed my mind too much either.

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