Wednesday, 30 May 2007


We finally get to the third part of the "weight loss" trilogy...discipline. Needless to say, without this, the other two tenets are doomed. As such, this is probably the most important aspect of them all.

Discipline is a strange creature at the best of times. Its quite possible to be very discipling in some aspects of life, and totally unruly in others. For example, I'd normally have the discipline to attend every possible training session when committed to a sport, yet not have the discipline to look after my diet after those (tough) training sessions, hence allowing me to train harder!

Anyways, thats got to change (diet wise at least). The following are a list of things that I am currently ensuring that I do to ensure I am disciplined...
  • weigh myself every morning when at home
  • keep an food log to monitor the calories that I'm eating each weekday (I keep this at work)
  • at a minimum, aim to keep calorie consumption under 2500kcal per weekday
  • aim to eat 5 portions of fruit or veg per day
  • aim to do at least 30mins of physical activity per day
  • keep a track of said activity and review progress
  • post progress and musing to this blog
Now there is definitely some room for improvement in the above, but I feel thats not a bad start. I find that I generally stick to the points above, apart from the weekends. Still, at least its a start and something to work off.

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