Friday, 25 May 2007

First Post

Well, I've been contemplating setting up a blog over the last few weeks, mainly to act as a training log and a place to put some random musings.

I suppose this is probably a good place to put a few goals for my training over the next few weeks\months. Here goes...
  • Weight: as of this morning, my weight stands at 121.5kg which is over 19st. Believe it or not, this is not the heaviest I've been! That would have been 126.2kg on 06/04/07, about six weeks ago! Needless to say, this weight loss trend needs to continue, ideally until I reach a target weight of 90kg or so. More on this in subsequent posts.
  • Swimming: Despite numerous lessons as a kid, and living within half a mile of one of the biggest lakes in Ireland for all my childhood, I cannot swim. I'm currently learning to swim by myself, using the Total Immersion system. Again, I'll post more about this in later posts.
  • General Fitness: This is related to the first point. My main approach to losing weight is a mixture of calorie restriction (I'm technically not restricting calorie intake at the moment, just monitoring it) and increased exercise. This increase in exercise mainly involves jogging, playing gaelic football and any other sport that I can get involved in.
  • Triathlon: As a long term goal, which again depends on points two and three, I'd like to get through a sprint triathlon. Probably a good few months off this yet (not being able to swim being a major hinderance), but I'd like to set a benchmark by doing one towards the end of the year and hopefully improve on that next year.
I think thats enough for my first post. Hope to follow up soon enough with a few posts on each of the above, describing how I'm going about the process.

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