Friday, 25 May 2007

My weight loss history

First a bit of history. I've always been over-weight growing up, but in the last 18 months or so I've really lost the plot. From 2002-2005 or so, my weight would have hovered between 100-107kg, depending on my level of activity. It would tend to go up in the winter when I wasn't doing too much sport and go down again in the summers as I'd be training twice a week, with a game most weekends.

09/05 - 12/05 (approx 100kg -> 123kg)
So then what happened? Basically, I got a job as a contractor for about 7 months. This involved a move away, staying in a B&B for the first 3 months (although I wasn't having full English breakfasts every morning, I probably had more than my fair share), working all the hours that I could (hence snacking during the day) and eating out most nights. I didn't do any exercise during these first three months, meaning by the end of 2005 the scales were pushing 123kg! (That was quite a shock to realise I was half a stone away from 20st)

01/06 - 03/06 (approx 123kg -> 118kg)
So that brings me nicely up to January 2006. I half-heartedly decided something needed to be done, but I just got as far as getting a decent set of weighing scales and taking daily measurements. I'd also signed up to do the Reading Half Marathon later in the year, having done it for the first time in 2005.

At this time, I moved into a house so while still working all the hours available to me, I had facilities to do some cooking for myself, come and go as I please, etc. I also started to train (very limited) for the half marathon. These two factors contributed to my weight going from 123kg to about 118kg.

03/06 - 04/06 (approx 118kg -> 120kg)
What can I say, I fell back into old habits! Half marathon was over (no comment on the time), so training stopped, deadlines were coming up in work, so was working flat out, etc, etc.

05/06 - 08/06 (approx 120kg -> 117kg)
Finished up work and moved back to Reading (actually with Eamon & Lisa for a few months before Reading). Got a certain amount of normality back in my life...plenty of sleep-ins, training twice a week, games most weekends. However, 20kg's is a LOT of weight and I was no-where near as fit as before starting work a few months before. I felt totally different (like I was wearing a fat suit!). That period went relatively well, with an overall loss of 3kg over the period (not really that much over such a long time to be fair).

09/06 - 10/06 (approx 117kg -> 119kg)
Fell of the wagon again. Putting this down to the end of the football season, so no training or games.

10/06-11/06 (approx 119kg -> 117kg)
After plenty of slagging from Liam, started to do some walking\jogging in the evenings. Looking back I should have listened to Liam's advice a bit more and stuck with the walking. When I was jogging, it took me two days to recover and just made it that bit easier not to keep it up. I started to learn to swim around this time.

11/06 - 04/07 (approx 117kg -> 126kg)
And then history goes and repeats itself! Started work again at the end of November, falling straight back into the old bad habits. Around this time, I was fooling myself a little as well, since I was actually pretty active (joined the gym in January and was there most days) so I assumed that I could just eat what ever I wanted, when ever I wanted as I would be burning it off. I suppose I actually knew that was stupid, but I didn't really care.

04/07 - Present (approx 126kg -> 121.5kg)
That pretty much brings us up to date on my weight history. It always strikes me how easy it is to look back and spot the trends. In one of the following posts, I'll document my recent history and detail why I think this time will be different than all the other times!!

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