Sunday, 2 January 2011

NYR: Weight

So for the next year, I'm going to make a couple of New Years Resolutions in different categories - each with a bronze (easy), silver (medium) and gold (hard but not impossible) standard.

Weight: The scales are currently sitting somewhere over the 120kg mark, which is disappointing. I don't really know what to put down here as a goal - on the one hand I know how tough it is and that scares me, but again, I also know what's achievable. Most weight-loss books suggest not losing more than 1lb-2lb a week, but I'm going to be a bit more conservative for the coming year. My main aim is to be around my pre-marathon weight (lets say 106kg) come the end of the year.

Bronze: 1kg per month or 12kg over the course of the year.
Silver: 1.5kg per month or 18kg over the course of the year.
Gold: 2kg per month or 24kg over the course of the year.

The starting weight will be based off my PhysicsDiet profile weight as off 01-01-2011. I'm also going to start doing daily weigh-ins again (where possible). Hopefully that graph on the right hand side will be going green.

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Matthew James Stanham said...

Sounds like a plan! This post Christmas period is definitely the best time to get back into it!