Sunday, 9 January 2011

First cycle with local club

Joined the local cycling club this morning for one of their Sunday club rides - the plan was to join the intermediate group, but I arrived slightly late and ended up going with the sporting group.

The pace for the first half of the ride wasn't too bad, not down to my fitness but the fact there was icy patches on the roads so everyone was taking it easy. I hung at the back for most of it, chatting away to one or two of the guys and generally being pulled along.

My first struggle was just before the cafe stop just after 30km - overall the cycle was on flat terrain, but a slight incline at this point coupled with a change in direction causing a headwind meant I was dropped for a bit - I didn't really mind, as worst case I'd just cycle home by myself. Anyways, just after stopped for a tea and chat in a nearby cafe (it was a bit early in the ride than they're used to, but the idea was to give the sun an hour or so to remove some of the ice on the roads).

Second half of the ride was a totally different experience - I actually thought I'd never make it home I was so shattered - I'm not sure if it was the break or just a fuelling issue, but I was struggling big time. Thankfully (for me), one of the other riders was also struggling, so at least all the embarrassment wasn't mine.

The group were pretty good at holding back but about 50km in, we were on a national cycle route, well signposted back to Cambridge and it made no-sense for them to wait for me. My fellow struggler also hung back as the other took off, soon never to be seen again. We stuck together for a bit, but after 5-10km I let him off ahead as I just pulled over and took a rest. Still around 10 miles from home, I carried on at turtle speed, stopping frequently and generally feeling sorry for myself.

I started to cramp up a little, while another few km passed, until I'd a major double cramp in both quads 3km from home - pulling away from a roundabout. I decided to call it quits there and walked the rest of the distance home.

Overall, very glad I got out, though a bit disappointed by the performance. Can only get better. See the screenshot below for a bit more info.

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Matthew James Stanham said...

Good stuff. Never really thought about cycling for fitness, other than to get back and forth from wherever, but it seems like a useful way to get back into things.