Monday, 17 August 2009

W10KW#3 - Long run

This weeks long run was down for a relatively easy 13 miles at 10m 28s per mile. Relatively easy in the sense that it's short in comparison to the 20 milers I've supposed to been doing over the last few weeks (and failing miserably). It's that "relatively" word that's the issue though...

Once again, an early start on Saturday morning - I was out the door around 7am. Nice morning for running and I decided not to bring the Camelbak. Parked the car up outside a friends house and set off around 7.30am, on a new route just for a change. Fortunately, the majority of the run was downhill (actually it was really just the first mile or so - the rest was flat). Everything was going well until about 3 miles in and I got slightly lost but soon found my way.

Another slight wander of the track shortly after didn't help, but overall, things were going well up to around 7.5 miles in - pace was slowing but I was still ahead of the target pace. I was struggling a bit here and decided to stop at a (donout) shop for some water - I was seriously tempted to have breakfast there :)

After the water, struggled on, but I'd got a bit stiff and it was a real struggle. Fought numerous mental battles with myself to push out to the 13 miles, but eventually called it a day after 12.2 miles. I'm actually happy enough with the run, but it obviously could have been better - I think if I'd carried on for the full half marathon distance, it would have been my second fastest HM time!

Total distance: 19.62km
Total time: 2hrs 15m 38s
Average pace: 6m 55s per km


Aaron said...

Thanks for posting on my blog. All the best with the training and weight loss. Sounds like you are making progress with the long run...

Andrew is getting fit said...

I think that is your best run in a while.

Have you thought about Gallowalking?

Run 5-8 minutes, walk a minute and so on. My wife has been trying it and finds she can go a lot further and faster when she does that.

Chris said...

Andrew, I've read the book and it's essentially what I end up doing (even though he advocates doing it straight from the start). I might have a try with it on one of my next long runs.