Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Goals for 2009

Following my review for 2008, I guess the next logical step is to define a set of goals for 2009. Where there are multiple goals, I've listed them in order of expectation.

Continue to keep a comparable level of weight loss as seen in 2008. I've got a new scales, which is weighing me in at around 109kg (based on an average over December 2008), which is unfortunate, but I'm going to use this going forward.
  • Goal: Break 100kg

Running (10k)
As mentioned previously, I failed to break the 1 hour mark for a 10km in 2008.
  • Goal: Break 1hr (short term)
  • Goal: Break 55mins (at some stage over the year)
Running (Half Marathon)
I'm doing two half marathons between now and the end of March. I've never run the distance non-stop and best time is around 2hrs 30m.
  • Goal: Run both non-stop
  • Goal: Break the 2hr mark in one of these races
Plan is to focus on the running until just after the second half marathon at the end of April and then I'm going to focus on cycling. The main reason for this is that I believe I can make up a considerable amount of time in this discipline at Gael Force next year.
  • Goal: Do at least ten 40km cycles per month from May to August
  • Goal: Do at least two 100km cycles in the same period
  • Goal: Break 30 mins in a 10 mile Time Trial
Gael Force
Plain and simple this one...knock an hour of my 6hrs 15m time. I expect most of this to be on the biking parts, but running and the mountain climbing could do with a lot of improvement. Weight loss and cycling training will be key for this.
  • Goal: Completion time for the event of better than 5hrs 15m
Odds and ends here really. Not too fussed but nice to have
  • Goal: Beat my previous best at the F3 duathlons and Rowers Revenge
  • Goal: Break 12 mins for 400m swimming and 30mins for 1km

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Andrew is getting fit said...

Those all look like attainable goals to me. Good luck!